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The Biology Education Centre (IBG) manages all biology education at Uppsala University. Please visit our website:

If there is anything specific you are looking for, you may find it at our webpage with topics listed A-Z.

Registration for program and courses

For the first semester, there are course you are expected to take and that are “prepared for you”. Registration on a course is important for your insurance to be active at Uppsala University and you will not be allowed to take classes unless registered. You need to ensure that you are registered (either in person on campus, using Ladok, or through email if teaching is digital) or you may not be allowed to commence the program and course. Different courses have different deadlines for when you can join, but typically you need to join no later than in the second week. Certainly, you do not want to join after the course has started, but there may be travel restrictions, late issuing of visas etc that cause a delay. Should that happen to you, make sure to contact us so we can plan for your late arrival.

What you can do before the courses start in August is to register on your course in Ladok between 29 July and 29 August. You will register to the second course (period 2) later on so don’t worry about this now. If you are conditionally admitted and have not yet uploaded your transcript to the application portal and had the conditions cleared before this period, you will not be able to register yourself. If so, you should contact us as you will not be allowed to start the program without the condition cleared.


Biology entry: You are admitted to the course 1MB438 Introduction to Bioinformatics but will have to register yourself in the Ladok system. You will also take some IT courses, and IBG will handle your registration to these courses after the arrival days.

Computer entry: You are admitted to the courses 1MB438 Introduction to Bioinformatics and 1MB439 Introduction to Molecular Biology, Genetics and Evolution automatically but will have to register yourself in Ladok for both courses. You will also take an IT course, and IBG will handle your registration to these courses after the arrival days.

Applied Biotechnology

You are admitted to all courses during the first semester, but will have to register yourself before courses starts in August.


You are admitted to the default course for your specialisation, and you can register to this course after the discussion with your program director. If you change from the default course then IBG will register you at course start on the course you select.


You are automatically admitted to your two courses, but will have to register in Ladok.

For all of you, it is important that you remember to apply for the courses you want to take later semesters. A reminder will be send out once the application portal opens, and you can apply between 15 September and 15 October for the course you plan in taking during the spring semester (January to June). Thus, is it important that you keep your email address in our systems up to date, else we cannot reach you.

More information about admissions and registrations is also available at the main University student pages.

Are you conditionally admitted?

If you are conditionally admitted you will need to meet the eligibility requirements prior to course start. The requirements are stipulated in the syllabus.

The study counsellors will check whether you meet the requirements and if you do, the condition will be removed, and you will be able to register in Ladok. This work takes place continuously until the course start.

If you do not fulfill the requirements you will be contacted by a study counsellor.

Questions regarding your eligibility? Please contact the study counsellors (studievagledare@ibg.uu)

Studying at Campus Gotland?

If you are studying at Campus Gotland, you can contact their Student services or visit the Campus Gotland website.

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