Department of Education

Gradual return to campus teaching

The Head of the Department of Education has decided on a gradual return to campus teaching during the autumn semester 2021.

The opening takes place in the following steps:

  • Courses starting during period 1 (30 Aug–29 Sep) will continue to be taught at a distance in the same way as during the spring term 2021. The following are exempted and may be taught on campus:
    Courses for international students, courses in contract education, courses in the master's programmes (but not the course Perspectives in Special Needs Education) and the Art and Music course “BOM”, in the Primary School Teacher Education Programme.
    Examinations may also be carried out on site.
  • In courses starting during period 2 (30 Sep–1 Nov) all teaching, except lectures in the lecture halls, will take place on campus.
  • From period 3 (starting on 2 Nov) all campus teaching will take place on site.

Information about Registration

If you want to enroll in courses offered by the Department of Education you need to register via Ladok. In Ladok you will find the time period for registrations. You must register during the given time period if you want to keep your study place.

If you have questions about registrations please contact our study councellor.

Information for students admitted with conditions

If you have been admitted conditionally you do not fully meet the course requirements. You will find a note on the Notification of Selection Results you received from the Admissions Office, if you are conditionally admitted. In order to be enrolled you must meet all requirements by the time the course begins.

Please contact our study councellor once you meet all requirements.

Information for reserves

Admitted students on a waiting list will be contacted via e-mail if there are study places available. Remember to check your spam folder.

Information about course start

For information about start date and venue of the course, please see your schedule.

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