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The first thing you need to do after being admitted to a course is to create a student account.

Once you have your account you need to register yourself on the course you're going to study. This is done in the student records system called Ladok.

If you need help, do contact us through email before the deadline for the registration. Registration usually closes about a week before the course starts.

Changed your mind?

If you've been admitted to a course but no longer wish to study the course, please let us know by emailing

Students admitted with conditions

Students admitted with conditions (those who do not yet meet the eligibility requirements) cannot register. If you are one of these students, please contact the study administrator to show that you meet the qualification requirements and confirm your interest, no later than one week before the start of the course.

Students on waiting lists

When the last date of registration has passed, and if the course has vacancies, the department will start contacting students on the waiting list via the email addresses they used in their application. The department may contact students on the waiting list up until the course starts. Be sure to check your e-mail (including spam filters). If you are offered a reserve place, please notify the department as soon as possible whether you wish to register or not.

Master's Programme in the Humanities

Registration takes place in Ladok. You do not register for the programme, but for the introductory course within the programme specialization that you have chosen (e.g. ethnology, archaeology, etc.). You will find information about your introductory course in Ladok.

Please note that time windows for registration differ between courses, so be sure not to miss the time window for your particular course! If you are not registered by the last day of registration, you risk losing your place, which will be passed on to a student on the waiting list. If this is your first time studying at Uppsala University, you will need a student account.

If you need help to register for the introductory course, please email your course/study administrator before the last day of registration on

If you no longer intend to enrol in the programme, please withdraw your application as soon as possible, so that another student may take your place. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your course/study administrator.

Where do I find more information about my course?

Everything regarding your studies is available at our learning platform Studium. To access the platform you need to register yourself.

Where is our department?

The Department of History of Science and Ideas is found on campus Engelska parken, the English Park Campus, house 6. Visit English Park Campus's website for more information.


If you have questions regarding registration and other practical issues you're much welcome to contact us through

We hope you're going to enjoy your studies at our department!

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