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Registration spring semester 2022

For most of our courses you register yourself in Ladok for students. Registration is open until 1 day before the course starts. For courses that start at the beginning of the semester last day for registration in Ladok is January 16. When the Ladok registration is closed you need to contact to be registered.

Degree projects and trainee courses

On degree projects and trainee courses, you cannot register yourself, since we need to verify that you have a project supervisor or an approved trainee position. To be registered for one of these courses, you must contact the course coordinator no later than 7 days before the course starts, but preferably sooner. Don't know who to contact? Email us at and we will guide you.

Admitted conditionally?

If you have been admitted conditionally, you must contact as soon as possible and no later than the closing date for registration to prove that you meet the admission requirements and to be registered.

If you are waiting for results from the fall semester to fulfil the requirements for registration you can contact the teacher and ask if you can participate in the class while waiting. As conditionally admitted you also have a somewhat restricted access to the course page in Studium for the first two weeks of the course.

On a waiting list?

If you are on the waiting list, the department will contact you by email if we can offer you a place and you will then have seven days to accept the offer.

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