Problems with registration

In some cases, students admitted to a course cannot register for the course. This may be because your admission is conditional, or because registration for the course is by roll-call. If you are on a waiting list, you have to be offered a place before you can register.

If you have forgotten to register, it may be possible to make a late application.

Conditional admission

If you have not quite completed the courses required for admission but are expected to have done so before the course starts, you can be conditionally admitted. If you are conditionally admitted, you have to show that you meet the admission requirements before you can register. You can see from your admission decision whether your admission is conditional.

For some courses and programmes, you have to show that you meet the requirements by the deadline for registration, but for others you need to do this slightly earlier. In most cases you can see the period in which your course or programme is open for registration in Ladok. If you get an error message when you try to register in Ladok, it may be because your admission is conditional.

When you log in to Students, you will see which department is giving your course or programme. You will find information there about how to show that you meet the requirements that are a condition for your admission.

Registration by roll-call

You register for most courses in Ladok for students, but for some courses, registration takes place by roll-call at the University. The roll-call is often held at the same time as the first course meeting. You will receive information from your department about how and where the roll-call will be held.

On the waiting list

After the selection process is completed, the applicants on a waiting list who can be offered a place because of a non-acceptance are admitted. Some courses and programmes admit many waiting list applicants, others none at all.

For many courses and programmes, more applicants are admitted than there are really places for. This means many non-acceptances may be needed before any applicants can be admitted from a waiting list. There is therefore no guarantee that an applicant who is number 1 on the waiting list will get in, even if someone declines their place.

If you are on the waiting list, the University will contact you if you can be offered a place. If you are offered a place, you may have to confirm your acceptance promptly. There is often a date and time by which you must reply to keep your place. Make sure the contact information in your account at is correct so that the University can get hold of you quickly. Keep an eye on your email junk mail folder in case important messages have ended up there.

If you are on the waiting list for a programme, you may find any additional information in the programme catalogue. Find your programme in the list to continue. For courses, please refer to the department offering the course.

We regret that the University cannot reply to questions about your chances of getting a place or when any notification may come.

Late application

If you have made a late application, you must wait for an admission decision before you can go on to create a student account and register. You can read more about how Uppsala University handles late applications.

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