Step 2: Register

Before you can get started with your studies, you must first activate your student account. The second step is to register for your course. If you are admitted to a programme, you are also admitted to one or more courses in the first semester. In that case it is this course or these courses that you must register for.

If you do not register by the last registration date, you may lose your place in the course or programme.

Register in Ladok

Most courses have online registration in the student records Ladok. Ladok contains information about which courses you have been admitted to.

Last day for registration

Once you have logged in to Ladok, you can see between which dates you can register on your course.

Log in and register in Ladok

If you can not register in Ladok

If the course you are to register for does not have a button for registration in Ladok, it means that the registration takes place in another way, e.g. by attending a roll-call. Read more in the information from your programme or department.

If it does not work to register via Ladok, even though there is a button for registration, it may be because you are conditionally admitted. In your admissions letter, you will see if you are conditionally admitted to the course or programme.

Interruptions in studies

If you interrupt your studies, you must notify the department. To be able to reapply for the course at another time, the cancellation has to be done within the first three weeks of the course.


If you want to retake or attend parts of a course that you have been registered for before, you can be re-registered subject to availability. The department decides if you can get a place to participate in the course again.

Questions about registration?

If you are unsure how the registration is done, please contact your programme or department. They also answer questions about course content, schedule and more.

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