Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory

Admitted to a course at the Department of Chemistry - BMC/Ångström

If you want to take the course, register for the course in Ladok for students. Registration in Ladok is open until the day before the course starts.

Exception: Current Trends in Chemistry (1KB467) this course has a roll-call for students admitted to the Master’s Programme in Chemistry – if you have applied outside this programme, contact us a couple of days before course start.

Information for admitted students with conditions

We check eligibility during the weeks before the start of the course. If you are eligible by then your status will be changed to “admitted” (check or in Ladok) and you will be able to register. If you are not found eligible you will be notified by e-mail before the beginning of the course.

If you have a problem registering

If you are admitted and have problems with the registration before the course start, send us an e-mail:

Information for reserves

Reserves will be admitted until course start if there are places available on the course. If you are placed on the reserve list, you may be contacted by the department via e-mail to be offered a place. Note! There can be a short window for replies, keep track of your e-mail!

If you do not want to take the course you are admitted to

If you want to cancel your application to the course please do it via (or or in Ladok. Important: if you are registered on the course you must discontinue the course in Ladok, a cancelation via is not sufficient if you are registered.

Re-registration to a course

Contact the Chemistry Course Office if you previously have taken a course and need to be re-registered to complete it. If you need to complete the laboratory part of a course, you should contact us 1-2 weeks before the course starts by e-mailing us at


Chemistry Course Office e-mail address:
More contact details are found on our website.