Adaptation of teaching due to Covid

Due to the increased spread of Covid in our society, we are forced to continue to be prepared for changes in our teaching structure.

In order to avoid the spread of infection and enable teaching for students with Covid infection, the department makes the following adjustments during period 1 (2022-01-17-02-20):

  1. Lectures for larger student groups take place at zoom.

  2. Lectures for small groups should continue to be conducted on campus, but as far as possible in hybrid form.

    Students should be able to participate via a zoom link in case they have symptoms, but students who participate via a link only have the right to listen. Teachers do not have to answer digital questions.

    During the period 17-31 January, in accordance with the faculty's temporary guidelines, these lectures can also be digital.

  3. Seminars are primarily located on campus.

    Students with symptoms, or in the recovery phase, should not attend the seminar but submit a written assignment.

    In cases where a large proportion of students are absent, teachers can choose to place the seminar on zoom.

    In cases where seminars are directly adjacent to lectures, digital form can also be used.

  4. Examinations will only be in the form of home assignments (this applies throughout spring semeter).

  5. In cases where teachers suspect that they have Covid, recover from Covid, or alternatively have cases of Covid in the immediate vicinity, and are thus quarantined, teaching is carried out digitally.

The university's recommendations