Department of Economic History

Registration information spring semester 2022

Students admitted through the national application system must register in Ladok on all courses you are admitted to.

EXCHANGE/ERASMUS students should contact our Erasmus coordinator Sarah Linden Pasay for registration,

If you are a new student you must first activate your student account.

Registration period 2021-12-20 to 2022-01-10

Students admitted with a condition cannot register and must contact the department at by 2022-01-10 to confirm intention to register and show that they have fulfilled the condition by the course start date to get registered

Wait-listed students cannot register online. They will be contacted by the department via email if we can offer a place on the course.

If you have made a late application and have been admitted you can contact the department on if the registration period has closed.


Contact information

Course administrator: Jenny Björkegård
Phone: +46 18 471 1222