Department of Economics

Welcome to the Department of Economics! Below you can find information about registration. Please observe that the department will not send out reminders or notifications regarding registration.

Bachelor's level (Economics A, B and C)

In our courses, you register yourself in Ladok for students. Registration is open from 15th of December from 9th of January. Remember to register for all your courses before the start of the semester!

If you are conditionally admitted, you must contact as soon as possible, and no later than 9th of January. Then let us know if you want to keep your place on the course, as well as the reason for your condition.

Being conditionally admitted means that you do not have full eligibility for the course. One condition may be, for example, that you are waiting for grades from a course. The condition disappears when the eligibility requirements are fulfilled and you can then be registered.

We do not always admit reserves. The day after the last day for registration, we decide if we can admit reserves for our courses or not.

If we admit reserves on the undergraduate level, the department will contact you during week 2. We will then notify you via the e-mail you added on

If you are offered a place and want to keep it, you need to answer YES and send back the e-mail to no later than Thursday the 12th of January, at 16:00.

Master's level (advanced courses)

You can register for your courses in Ladok for students. You can register from the 15th of December to the 15th of January. Remember to register on all courses before the start of the semester!

Other information

Please observe that all schedules are preliminary until the start of the course.


You will find the course literature along with the syllabus. Please note that you must choose the current version of the syllabus. It states under "Syllabus revisions" from which date the syllabus applies.

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Contact to know more about admission, registration, exams and other matters.

More information about the department can you find on our website.