Welcome back to Juridicum!

After a very nice summer, the autumn term is about to begin. I wish all students a sincere welcome back, and that also means that you are welcome back physically!

We have endured a long period with digital teaching and it is my strong hope that this autumn we will begin to leave this phase behind us. The teaching this autumn is intended to primarily be in person (big lectures will normally be on Zoom, but seminars will be in person). This is important both for pedagogical and social reasons, but it requires a level of responsibility. It is necessary that students always refrain from participating in physical teaching if they have any signs of on-going infection. The teachers will endeavor to find solutions to avoid any incentives to participate with infection symptoms. Furthermore, it is important that students in connection with seminars do not ”hang-around” outside the seminar rooms unnecessarily, because it can easily become crowded.

We believe that most of the infections among students one year ago was due to activities outside the teaching situation. The responsible behavior I ask you to practice, to enable us to maintain physical teaching, therefore must include your spare time. Always remember to maintain physical distance, and of course, wash your hands regularly.

Uppsala, 23 August
Bengt Domeij, prefekt