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Welcome to the Department of Literature!


You need to register on the course you are going to study, in Ladok. The registration is open until approximately one week before the course begins, you will see the exact date in Ladok.

In order to register for your studies you need to activate your student account.

Contact the course administration at before the last day of registration if you need help. If you do not register in time, you will lose your place and it will be offered to students on the waiting list.

Conditionally Admitted

If you are a conditionally admitted applicant, you must contact the course administration at as soon as possible, and no later than the last registration date with proof of your eligibility in order to be registered.

Late Applications

If you submitted a late application and have been offered a place, the department will contact you by email with more information regarding your registration.

Emails are sent to the email address you registered on Monitor your email account and check your spam filters regularly.


Have you been placed on a waitlist for a course? Waitlisted applicants will be notified by email if vacancies become available on the course. Please note that we will contact you by the e-mail address you used in your application, and remember to check your email (including spam filters) regularly.

Changed your mind?

If you have been accepted to the course but not yet registered, and no longer wish to take the course, please decline the course at or in Ladok.

NB! If you have already registered on the course, but then changed your mind and no longer wish to take the course, please terminate your course in Ladok. You can also contact us at for assistance.

If you terminate your studies within the first three weeks of the semester, you will be able to reapply to the course in the future.

Teaching platform

All our courses are held on Studium. It can take up to 36 hours before you can log in to Studium after you have completed your registration.

Schedules, reading lists etc. will be made available on Studium no later than five weeks before the course begins. Questions regarding the course contents can be answered by the teachers in charge. The teachers' contact details are found in the course page on Studium.


Schedules for upcoming courses can be found no later than five weeks before the start of the semester. Direct links to course's schedules are also found on each course's page on Studium.

Find us!

The Department of Literature is located on campus Engelska parken in building 6. Visit campus Engelska parken for more information. Here, you can also find more information on


If you have questions regarding your registration or other practical issues, you are welcome to contact the administration at

We hope that you will enjoy your studies at our department!