Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Course Registration

Period for registration

2021-12-17 - 2022-01-17

Information for admitted students and those who will be admitted via acceptance of late applicants

You must register for the course or programme you are going to attend. Otherwise, you may lose your place in the course or programme. As a new student, the first step is to get a student account. Then, you can register in Ladok.

Information for admitted students with conditions

If you are accepted with conditions your merits will be assessed. If the merits are deemed sufficient you will be able to register for the course at Ladok the latest the day the course starts.

Information for students who are on a waiting list

If you are on a waiting list the department will contact you if you can be offered a place. Make sure your contact information in your account at is correct. If you are offered a place there is often a deadline when you must have responded to keep your place.