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Register for courses and programmes

In some cases, students who are conditionally admitted to courses in mathematics will be able to register in Ladok. Wait until the week before the starting date of the course. If you are still unable to register when there is less than a week left before the course starts, contact the study counsellors at the Department of Mathematics via email. In the e-mail, enter your name and student ID-number (T-number). In the subject line, enter the course in question (course code and course name).

Exams in mathematics

Exams in mathematics usually take place shortly after the end of the courses. The exams can be written, oral, or home assignments. Detailed information about the exam for a specific course will be provided to you by the teacher. Each course has a total of three exams in one academic year, that is, one regular exam and two re-exams.

How to register

Register for your exams in Ladok, no later than 12 days before the exam. Bring a valid photo-ID to the exam.

Unregister if you are not able to attend the exam

If you have registered for an exam and are unable to attend, it is very important that you unregister from the exam in Ladok.

Each course has at least one exam and at two re-exams. The re-exams are usually scheduled during certain periods. The number of re-exams for each course depends on when the course was finished and how many times the course has been given during one academic year.

Schedule for re-exams in mathematics in August of 2022 in Studium

All exams are scanned, which means that you can pick up your graded exam digitally. Log in with your usual university password into My exams. Exams are available in scanned format for two years. After that, they will be deleted, according to the current regulations.

Paper originals are saved only for two months. It is therefore important to check as soon as possible that all the pages of your exam are scanned.

If there is an obvious mistake in the graded exam, you can ask the teacher to review it. This is regulated by The Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100), 6 chap. 24 §:

"If an examiner finds that a decision on a grade is obviously incorrect owing to new circumstances or for some other reason, he or she shall change the decision if this can be done quickly and easily and if it does not mean lowering the grade."

The Higher Education Ordinance at website of the Swedish Council for Higher Education

Study abroad

As a Master's student you have an opportunity to study abroad for one or two terms. The Department of Mathematics has exchange agreements with universities in France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Japan.

Equal opportunities

The Department of Mathematics has a group that works to promote gender, identity, ethnic, religious, disability and age equality at the department.

The equal opportunities group at the Department of Mathematics


Contact the Master's programme coordinator or the study counsellors if you have questions regarding course content, registration, study options, student exchange, study breaks, degree and career.

Contact the course administration if you have questions regarding exams.