Department of Peace and Conflict Research

Master’s Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies

Programme start and registration

Admitted applicants

When you have been admitted to the Master's Programme in Peace and Conflict Studies, the first thing to do is to activate your Student Account. You are recommended to do that as soon as you have received your notification of admittance.

Then you must register in order to start your studies. Registration is open from August 2 until August 21, 2023. With your activated Student Account, you log into the student records LADOK and register yourself for the first two courses on the programme: Causes of War and Methods I. In order to keep your place, you must be registered by August 25 at the latest.

Conditionally admitted applicants

If you are conditionally admitted, you must prove your eligibility before being able to register. You will receive information about the procedure to prove the eligibility from the Admissions Office at Uppsala University. Please contact both the programme coordinator and administrator by August 11 at the latest in order to keep your place. You will be registered once your eligibility is confirmed and this can be done also after the registration deadline.

Applicants on the reserve list (waiting list)

If you are placed on the reserve list, you will be contacted by the programme coordinator via e-mail in case you can be offered a place. You then need to reply within a given period of time. Remember to check your emails, including your spam mail.

The courses on the programme start on August 28, 2023.


Programme Coordinator Liana Lopes,
Programme Administrator Ingalill Blad Ögren,