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The Department of Scandavian Languages is at the English Park Campus. Visit our website.


To enroll in our courses, you register in Ladok for students. If you are starting a programme, you should register to the programme's first course, which you have been admitted to. Registration closes at different times depending on the course. The registration deadline for a particular course is advertised in Ladok. Please note that if you miss the registration deadline, your spot may be offered to waitlisted students.

Conditionally Admitted Applicants

If you are conditionally admitted to a course, you will need to provide proof that you meet the eligibility requirements prior to course start. If you are eligible you can be registered.

If you are conditionally admitted, you must contact the Department of Scandinavian Languages as soon as possible, and no later than the last registration date to verify your eligibility and be registered:

Waitlisted Applicants

If you are placed on reserve (waiting list), the department will contact you by email, if we can offer you a spot on the course. Don't forget to check your “junk mail” folder or “spam” folder. You only have a few days to reply. Admissions for waitlisted applicants will begin a few days after the course starts.

Course Start

Course schedules are available five weeks before course start in and on the department's website. All teaching will be conducted on campus, if you are not notified otherwise.

More detailed information about the teaching will be provided in the learning platform Studium and in connection with the first teaching session on each course. The information in Studium will be available one week before the course starts.

Basic Swedish 1-4

Basic Swedish 1-4 in Uppsala will be given on campus. More information about Basic Swedish Uppsala can be found here.

More information about Basic Swedish Gotland can be found on our website.

Swedish for Academics

Swedish for Academics in Uppsala will be given on campus. More information about Swedish for Academics can be found here.

Department of Scandinavian Languages

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