Uppsala University is organised in several faculties that are responsible for conducting education and research in one or more related subjects. The faculties are divided into departments. Some programmes are given at a faculty and some programmes and courses are given at a department.

Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology conducts world-leading research and trains engineers and scientists who can solve real and current problems already during their studies. Here the limits of human knowledge expand every day - welcome into their world!

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Medicine and Pharmacy

In medicine, health, care and pharmacy, both thought and feeling have a place. Here you'll prepare to heal and relieve, but also to work with medicines and wellness, mental health as well as research activities.

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Humanities and Social Sciences

The humanities and social sciences contain a variety of professions and subjects that are necessary for the understanding and development of our society. Teachers, lawyers, theologians, economists, programmers, dietitians, linguists, psychologists and many more are trained here.

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