Academic leave of absence and study break

You can apply for academic leave of abscence or to take a study break at the Faculty of Science and Technology by filling in a form.

Academic leave of absence

Leave of absence is granted if you meet any of the special conditions stated in the Higher Education Ordinance. If you have other reasons than stated in the statues, your department decides if the leave of absence can be granted. A granted leave of absence gives you a guaranteed return to your studies. In the decision it is clear when to resume your studies.


If you are denied leave of absence, the decision may be appealed to the Higher Education Appeals Board (Överklagandenämnden för högskolan). The Uppsala University Registrar must receive the appeal within three weeks from the decision. State which decision you wish to appeal and its registration number. The appeal will be registered at Uppsala University and then sent to the Higher Education Appeals Board that will decide in the appeal.

Study break

If you make an unannounced interruption of studies, without having applied for and been granted an academic leave of absence, you have no guaranteed place to resume your studies. As far as places admit, you can resume your studies. If you want to terminate your studies, you should report it to the department.

Application for a temporary leave of abscence or termination of studies

Application form is sent to

Some departments use digital forms. Common forms for application form temporary break or leave of abscence can be downloaded as a pdf:

Application form for leave of abscence (pdf)

Application form for termination of studies Pdf, 115 kB.(pdf) Pdf, 115 kB.