Academic year periods and exams

At the Faculty of Science and Technology each semester is divided into two periods. Generally, regular examinations are given at the end of the period and re-examinations at specific periods. Remember that you must always register, both for the regular exams and to retake exams. This is done in Ladok no later than 12 days before the exam day.

The regular course exams are generally given at the end of the period and re-exams are offered at specific re-exam periods.

If a course is given multiple times over the academic year it can be possible (if there is room in the exam hall) to retake the exam at a later regular exam date. If you chose to take a retake an exam at a later regular exam date it can't be guaranteed to not collide with other course sessions.

Most courses offer the possibility to retake exams during specific periods over the year. Courses that are given multiple times each academic year might have other dates.

Contact the course responsible department if you have questions regarding dates for exams or dates to retake exams.

Academic year 2022/2023

Period 1

  • 29 August–30 October
  • Re-exams are given weekends in the beginning of the spring semester

Period 3

  • 16 January–19 March
  • Re-exams 5–­21 June

Period 2

  • 31 October–15 January
  • Re-exams 5–­21 June

Period 4

  • 20 March– 4 June
  • Re-exams are given Easter next academic year

Other dates

Re-exams Easter 2023: 1 april, 3-6 april

Re-exam period for all of the academic year's courses: 15–­27 August

Schedule free days: 27–29 December, 19 May 

All written exams at a department by the Faculty of Science and Technology are scanned and can be retrieved digitally.

You can find your exams by logging into the storage service with your student account. The exam is saved on the server for two years, after which it will be deleted according to archiving regulations for exams.

Two months after the exam has been written the physical copy will be shredded and will no longer be available.

Log in and download your exams.

Grades can not be appealed. However, the examiner can reassess the grade. Reassessment takes place due to new circumstances, or if the grade is clearly incorrect, and if the change can be made quickly and easily. It is thus not a question of "correcting" or "reconsidering" of already assessed answers, but of obvious errors being corrected. A typical example is that the result has been added together incorrectly or a question has been forgotten.

If you feel that the examination or grading has not followed the current rules, you can turn to a grading ombudsman.

To have your grade reconsidered, fill in the form for reassessment (pdf) Pdf, 26 kB. and send it to the administration at the department responsible for the course.