Credit transfer towards a professional degree

Courses that are not part of your programme's study plan need to have their credits transferred in order to be part of a professional degree in engineering.

There can be programme specific limitations to what can be transferred and what can be included in a specific engineering degree. You can find what your programme specific regulations are in the programme syllabus.

There are two different types of credit transfer for courses that equals a full course:

  1. Credit transfer for a course that replaces a mandatory programme course.
  2. Credit transfer for a course that does not replace a mandatory course. This can be done for more than one course, and for more credits than the degree requirements for the programme allow.

Credit transfer of a Swedish course

To apply for a transfer of credits from a course taken in Sweden, you send a request per email to the programme administration at the unit for student service The decision is then made by the programme coordinator or faculty administrator.

Application form, credit transfer of Swedish course (pdf)

  • Attach a course description or course plan and the result certificate for any course taken at other higher education institutions than Uppsala university. Attach as a separate pdf file.
  • If you seek to transfer credits for more than one obligatory course, please apply once for every subject area (e.g mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics etc.) to make the administration easier.

Transfers of credits for foreign higher education

Follow the instructions that apply to the application for transfer of credit for foreign higher education. The application is sent to