Student Service Ångström

At the Faculty of Science and Technology there are several functions and services available to you as a student.

At the reception for Student Service Ångström, you can get help with, for example, getting certificates of registration or past studies, one-time passcodes for student accounts, updating your campus card or retrieving written exams. There's also the possibility to buy notebooks and other products.

You find the reception in 100179, ground floor in house 10, Campus Ångström.

Receptionen Ångström

Opening hours: Weekdays 08:00–16:00

Changed opening hours during the summer:

  • 27 June– 8 July: 08:00-12:00
  • 11 July–5 August: Closed
  • 8 August–22 August: 08:00-16:00

Phone: 018-471 31 03


Book a room or equipment

The reception handles certain bookings of rooms and equipment. You can also book the exhibition space and poster frames for the ground floor in house 10 as well as seminar and lecture rooms, to a certain degree.

Book a room or equipment