Career workshops

Do you need help preparing for working life and the time after your studies? The career guidance gives you a better understanding of yourself and the labor market based on concrete exercises and workshop discussions.

The study counsellors at the Faculty of Science and Technology offer career guidance in four steps. The different steps are shaped as labs where each session has a theme you are actively participating. The sessions are taking place on an ongoing basis and are independant of each other, so you do not have to attend the previous one in order to participate.

The lab exercises aim to give you insight and tools to develop towards your goals or dreams. They should also give you a solid foundation to be able to handle changes and phases in life.

Career competence is currently only offered in Swedish, but is planned to be offered in English with start spring semester 2023. In the meantime, if you want guidance in career competence in english, you can always schedule a meeting with one of the counsellors.