Other possibilities abroad

In addition to the opportunities for exchange studies that Uppsala University offers, there are also other opportunities to go abroad. Below you can get acquainted with the open opportunities that the Faculty of Science and Technology currently offers.

  • SEL Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, Atsugi, Tokyo - Thesis/Internship
    SEL is offering Swedish students (up to three persons a year) a possibility of carrying out master thesis. The company has approximately 800 employees, mainly young researchers. Its income comes from contract research and patents. The owner of the company, Dr. Shunpei Yamazaki, holds over 10000 patents, including fundamental technologies for flash memory and future display technology. Thesis opportunities at SEL are announced via the Sweden Japan Foundation.

  • KDDI Research, Tokyo - Exjobb/Thesis/Internship
    ENG - KDDI is a big telecom company in Japan. The main objective of the project is to develop a novel method to deeply understand human behavioural patterns and thoughts (opinions and emotions) from social media. BSc in computer science or equivalent experience. Several Engineering Physics students has been there. Continious application. Contact Magnus Strandås if you are interested.