External scholarships

Most scholarships at Uppsala University are announced at the beginning of each semester and are administrated by the Scholarships Office. In addition to these, there are a number of scholarships that are announced through other organisations. These have other application dates and you apply for them in other ways than through the university scholarship system.

Scholarships at the student nations

The student nations administer scholarships, which are applied through the Scholarships Office as well as through the nation. Check with your nation whether they have scholarships to apply for:

Scholarships for undergraduate students

The Uppsala Student of the Year scholarship is awarded annually by Anders Wall's foundation to promote the efforts of students at Uppsala University. The scholarship is 125 000 kr.

The scholarship is awarded to a student who has:

  • distinguished themselves through their good, creative efforts at Uppsala University
  • taken part in student union and/or student nation activities
  • or has made special efforts in support of other students
  • alternatively has developed entrepreneurship in connection with the University’s activities.

Nominate your candidate by 3 November 2022.

About the Uppsala Student of the Year scholarship

Submit your nomination.

Research funding

For PhD students and researchers, there are various opportunities for research funding. Read more in Uppsala University's Research Handbook.

Grants for research students at the Faculty of Medicine are announced every autumn. The grants may be used for:

  1. Operative expenses and buying instruments, apparatus’ and literature for your research project
  2. Journeys directly connected to your research project
  3. Printing and translation expenses.

Application form: Grants for research students, Faculty of Medicine Pdf, 461 kB.

Signed applications are submitted to the administrator of research education at the department of the applicant.

The application for 2022 is over. Applications for the 2023 grants will open in August 2023.

Other scholarships for students

There are scholarships for students who are advertised without the university’s participation, for example through student nations and other organisations.

More information about scholarships for current students at Uppsala University

Read more about scholarships for current students who have already begun the studies at Uppsala University.