Monitoring of scholarships

When you have been awarded a scholarship that covers several terms you must monitor it each term in order to keep it. You shall not monitor your scholarship the term that you are awarded it, since payment for that term will be made automatically.

Please note that the following information about monitoring of scholarships only applies to scholarships handled by the Scholarships Office at Uppsala University.

How do I monitor my scholarship?

To monitor your scholarship, log in to the scholarship database and choose the tab "Monitoring of scholarships". During the monitoring period you can submit an affirmation that you are still a full-time student at Uppsala University and that you meet any other requirements for your scholarship. (A few scholarships allow study at other universities and university colleges.) During the whole application period you can see the status of your monitoring of scholarships there.

When you submit your monitoring it will be sent to us and we will review that you qualify for keeping the scholarship, see below. If your qualifications are approved, the scholarship sum for the term will be paid to you within a few weeks. If they are not approved, the Scholarships Office will contact you. If your qualifications are not approved, your holding of the scholarship will be terminated as from the ongoing term.

When should I monitor my scholarship?

  • Spring term: from 1 April to 10 June
  • Autumn term: from 1 November to 5 January

If you don’t monitor in time, your scholarship will be withdrawn.

What is required for the monitoring to be approved?

When you monitor your scholarship, your study results and your registrations must meet the requirements for full-time studies. You must also meet any specific requirements for your particular scholarship.

Specific requirements for your scholarship

The requirements for each scholarship are always listed at Find scholarships. During the monitoring periods you can also see the requirements for your scholarship where you monitor. The requirements for a scholarship could be that you are a member of a particular student nation, studying at a certain department, studying a specific subject, or the like. You must meet such requirements every term you hold the scholarship.

Requirements for full-time study

In order for your monitoring to be approved, you must meet the requirements of full-time studies. Unless otherwise stated, you must be a full-time student at Uppsala University each term you hold the scholarship. To meet the requirements for full-time studies, you must:

  • Study full-time (30 credits) the ongoing term (when you are monitoring)
  • Have been registered for at least 30 credits and taken a minimum of 22,5 credits the previous term (rating dates must be within the previous term)