ENLIGHT - The European University

In November 2020 Uppsala University, together with eight European university partners, launched the European University ENLIGHT. ENLIGHT is one of several pilot projects funded by the EU-commission to lead the development of new types courses and pedagogical methods. It will prepare students for current and future societal challenges.

ENLIGHT has focused on five flagship areas:

  • Health and Well-being
  • Impact of Digitisation
  • Climate Change
  • Energy and Circular Economy
  • Equity

What does ENLIGHT mean for you as a student?

Students will be provided with opportunities to take courses developed in collaboration within the network along with external actors in their regions. There will also be an opportunity to take courses preparing students to work with a global mindset regardless of a career in a local or international context.

As more and more courses and activities become available these pages will grow. However, you can already see some future activities on the Student pages on ENLIGHT’s website. For many courses and activities there will be grants available through the Erasmus programme.

Except courses there is already an opportunity to apply for exchange studies of one or two semester to our ENLIGHT partner universities.

Application portal for courses within ENLIGHT.

Courses that are available for application.

Read more about ENLIGHT in the Fact Sheet Pdf, 726 kB. and follow ENLIGHT on the official Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

Student platforms

Read more about ENLIGHT Student Network

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Contact the ENLIGHT project management team at Uppsala University.