Erasmus grant for studies

Students who are going on an Erasmus exchange will receive an Erasmus grant for studies. To be eligible to apply for an Erasmus grant, you first need to have been nominated via the Unit for International Mobility or your department/faculty.

After you have been nominated, you will receive information on how to submit your Erasmus grant application. The grant is intended to cover additional costs related to your Erasmus exchange and will not provide full cost coverage for your stay abroad. An Erasmus grant is based on the length of the exchange and varies depending on the living costs in the host country.

Current grant levels

Group 1, programme countries with higher living costs: 460 €/month.
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway and the UK.

Group 2, programme countries with lower living costs: 400 €/month.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

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Study abroad with a disability

Students with physical, mental or neuropsychiatric disabilities may receive additional funds for the extra expenses incurred in connection with their Erasmus exchange.

Please indicate this in the grant application in MoveON and the Division of Internationalisation will contact you.


Current application periods:

  • 1 to 15 November 2021 for students going on an Erasmus exchange beginning in the spring semester 2022.
  • 1 to 15 May 2022 for students going on an Erasmus exchange beginning in the autumn semester 2022.

The grant application and other mandatory documentation are submitted electronically through the system MoveON.

To the application in MoveON

Grant Manual

Instructions for the Erasmus grant are described in a grant manual. It contains instructions on how to apply for the grant and your obligations as an Erasmus student.

Grant manual for Erasmus Studies

The Unit for International Mobility is responsible for the study abroad activities on these pages.

  • For questions about exchange studies please contact
  • For questions about Erasmus traineeship, Erasmus for studies or the International Credit Mobility grant please contact
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Zoom drop-in hours

During the semesters you can meet with the Unit for International Mobility for questions about studies abroad. When you enter the Zoom meeting you will be placed in a waiting room until it is your turn. You will then be asked to briefly describe your question before you are transferred to an individual conversation with an available International Officer.

Drop-in is offered on Tuesdays at 11:00–12:00 and Thursdays at 13:00–14:00 during the semesters with the exception of public holidays.

The last drop-in for the sping semester of 2022 is Thursday 2 June. After the summer break, we will reopen for drop-in on Thursday 1 September 2022.

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