Additional information regarding COVID-19

As long as the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has issued advice not to travel to a certain country or region due to COVID-19 no exchanges to universities in these countries or regions may start.

Applications are assessed and approved on the condition that no advice again travel is issued or there is a decision in place by the rector prohibiting travel for study purposes.

Due to COVID-19 students are advised to follow the development through the university website, the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, relevant information provided by the hosting country and Re-open EU. Students who have applied for an exchange are obliged to immediately notify if there are changes in the start and or form of the exchange.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity to postpone your exchange has been offered if e.g. the host university has cancelled the exchange. As of the application in the autumn of 2021, this will no longer be offered. Any possible offer thus only applies to the semesters assigned.