Welcome new students!

Students walking in Uppsala with boxes, a matress and a bike.

Congratulations on your admission to Uppsala University, the first university in Sweden.

You are probably eager to get started with your studies. You have chosen a university that is leading the world in both research and education. Here, you will have the opportunity to shape your own future. Along the way, don’t forget to take advantage of everything that student life has to offer.

Welcome Programme Uppsala

Welcome Programme Gotland

Before you get started with your studies you need to do one important thing: you must activate your student account and register for the course or programme you are going to attend.

Vice-Chancellor Anders Hagfeldt.

Welcome from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Anders Hagfeldt

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Sweden, and thank you for choosing Uppsala University. Here, you will learn alongside the current world leaders in research and education, and be given all of the tools and opportunities needed to shape your own future.”

The Vice-Chancellor welcomes you

You’re not the first!

Sweden’s first known student was Olle Johansson. He was from Gotland and studied at Uppsala University. He registered at the University in 1477 and studied theology and general philosophy.

Olle Johanssons, Swedens first student, lecture notes.

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