COVID-19 report, 3 September

The autumn semester at Uppsala University is now under way and it has been a quiet week, with only a few reported cases of COVID-19. Region Uppsala has a request: if you have not yet been vaccinated – go and do it!

Last week ended with eight confirmed cases of COVID-19 and though the figures are slightly higher this week, there is no cause for alarm.

Uppsala University continues to have continuous collaboration meetings with the local health authority, Region Uppsala, and they have some explicit requests:

  1. If you have not yet been vaccinated – go and do it!
  2. If you have any symptoms, go and get tested! You should preferably have a test organised by the health authority, as it is very important to facilitate contact tracing if an infection is confirmed. If you are confirmed infected, the Communicable Diseases Act requires you to inform people whom you suspect you may have infected. As part of Uppsala University’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection, the University has created an online procedure to help you do this anonymously.
  3. Finally – follow the recommendations announced previously and keep up to date with the current rules of conduct.

Infection status report

The infection situation in brief is as follows: as of 3 September there have been 994 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Uppsala University since the start of the 2020 autumn semester.

This figure breaks down as follows:

  • 763 students (+ 8)
  • 231 employees*(+/- 0)

    *(Beginning in the 2021 autumn semester, the statistics for doctoral students are included in the statistics for employees.)