COVID-19 report, 10 September

The University has 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19 to report from last week, 18 among students and 6 among employees. The increased number was expected now that the University is again conducting a large part of its teaching on campus.

“Region Uppsala continues to report a low impact from COVID-19 on the county’s health services, which is reassuring in light of our increased number of confirmed cases,” says Uppsala University’s Chief Security Officer Fredrik Blomqvist.

This week also saw Uppsala University pass a total of 1000 confirmed cases since the first case was reported in 2020.

“Considering how many people are involved at the University, that figure is relatively modest,” says Blomqvist.

The health authorities continue to call on everyone to take their responsibility and go to the vaccination centre to receive their injections so as to acquire a high level of protection against COVID-19.

Infection status report

The infection situation in brief is as follows: as of 10 September there have been 1018 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Uppsala University since the start of the 2020 autumn semester.

This figure breaks down as follows:

  • 781 students (+18)
  • 237 employees* (+6)

*(Beginning in the 2021 autumn semester, the statistics for doctoral students are included in the statistics for employees.)