Bike-focused health bingo

Winter is coming and through the university's health bingo we want to encourage you to see it in on your bike! In addition to being inspired to keep moving, you can also win a thermos mug or water bottle.

Never mind snow and slush – you can carry on cycling anyway. Equip yourself (and your bike) with studded tyres, lights, reflectors and helmet and you’ll be well prepared.

We hope this health bingo can encourage you to keep moving, relax, and use sustainable and safe means of transport, even in the winter.

Put a cross in a box when you have carried out the activity in the box. When you have filled in five boxes in a row, you have bingo.

Download the bingo card Pdf, 155 kB. and photo it, or email it electronically to Malin Gustafsson Nyqvist to win a thermos mug (1st–2nd prize) or a water bottle (3rd–4th prize), no later than December 1, 2021.

The health bingo includes, for example, the following cycling activities that you can perform:

  • Go for a morning cycle
  • Cycle to an outdoor activity, e.g. mini golf or paddle court
  • Cycle 5 km in one day
  • Go for a weekend outing by bike
  • Cycle 5 km in one day
  • Read Rules for cyclists
  • Go shopping by bike
  • Cycle to an outdoor activity, e.g. mini golf or paddle court
  • Go for a bike ride at lunchtime
  • Cycle 10 km in one day

The working group for a Bike-friendly workplace at Uppsala University wishes you good luck!