Military exercises around Uppsala

In the second half of May, two pre-planned military exercises will be taking place around Uppsala.

Between 16 and 25 May, the Swedish Air Force will conduct its Air Defence Exercise 2022, partly in Uppsala. Air operations will be carried out around the clock and uniformed personnel and ground vehicles will also be active.

In addition to these air exercises, military unit exercises will take place between 23 and 31 May in an area bordering Gävle in the north to Oxelösund in the south, Enköping in the west to Roslagen in the east. The exercises are long planned and the activities will take place in daylight, in the evening and sometimes at night. Shooting exercises with so-called blank ammunition may occur, but only to a lesser extent. Convoys of smaller vehicles will be visible on roads around the training areas, but are not expected to lead to any traffic problems.

Fredrik Blomqvist, Chief Security Officer at Uppsala University, explains that while the Swedish Armed Forces’ exercises may attract attention, they will not affect the University’s activities. The University has a strong collaboration with the Armed Forces through the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen).

“Spring is always an intensive season for the Armed Forces, as final exercises and preparedness checks usually take place. This spring is no exception, when you may once again come into closer contact with practising Armed Forces units in and around Uppsala.”