Time for wellness challenge Hittaut

Uppsala University's wellness challenge Hittaut will continue in 2022. Take the opportunity to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings while getting some exercise and taking on the challenge with fellow students and colleagues within the University.

Hittaut is a national wellness project to encourage people to get more exercise, discover new places and get and about in nature. Hittaut is comprised of numbered checkpoints that you can find using the map. Hittaut is available as a paper map or mobile app.

During 2022, Uppsala University will participate in hittaut, where all departments are invited to participate as teams. Your team will be compared to other teams within Uppsala University and from other companies and organisations.

Of course, there is no need to join a team if you would prefer to use the app yourself and enjoy strolls in the forest.

For more information and registration.

For questions, contact Daniel Löwenborg.