Nominate course or programme for a pedagogical award

Students are welcome to nominate courses or programmes for a pedagogical award within the Enlight network. Submit your nomination by 9 September 2022.

Enlight is a network of nine European universities that includes Uppsala University. The purpose of Enlight is to offer students a qualified education in an international environment.

The Enlight Pedagogical Award is awarded to the course or programme that best meets this year's pedagogical themes:

  • Broad perspectives on diversity in teaching, for example through collaboration between teachers, students and individuals as well as organisations outside the university.
  • Engaging teaching methods, i.e., education that encourages students to gather information, organise it and choose methods to solve real problems through authentic cases and problem-based teaching.
  • Use of feedback, which means that feedback is a central part of the teaching on the course or programme that is rewarded. Students should be encouraged to reflect on their learning, and teachers should be stimulated to organise their teaching so that the students' learning process is central.

Nominate your candidate via our online form. You should motivate your nomination by referring to the criteria given in the form. Deadline for nominating is 9 September 2022.

A nomination from Uppsala University

Each university within Enlight selects one candidate, and from these candidates, a winner and two runners-up are chosen. Following the nominations at the university, a jury at Uppsala University, consisting of three excellent teachers and two students, will decide which of the proposals Uppsala University will nominate to Enlight.

The award decision will be made by a jury composed of teachers, students and experts in higher education from the universities within Enlight.