Student housing in Visby

There are many ways to find somewhere to live. You can live in a corridor, as a lodger, or rent a student apartment.

Depending on your citizenship, whether you are going to study at the Master’s level, Bachelor’s level or if you want to come to Uppsala University as an exchange student, different rules apply for housing.

If you are a fee-paying student, that is, a citizen of a country outside of the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland, then you can benefit from our housing guarantee. Exchange students from exchange agreements are also given priority for student housing. Find out more about student accommodation at Uppsala Housing Office.

Arranging your accommodation

If you are a non-fee paying student from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland then you are responsible for arranging your own accommodation. It helps to be a little creative when it comes to looking for accommodation and it is important to start the search early. Stay calm, it usually works out. As it has done for thousands of new students before you, every semester. Here are some tips!

Your first accommodation in Visby will most likely not be your dream home. But you can always look further once you have a roof over your head. Here you get some tips!

Gotlands Studentbostad

You can start by visiting the housing portal Gotlands Studentbostad. Here you will find housing from private landlords, as well as housing companies. The offers can vary between subrenting, lodging, or private student housing. Contact each housing company for information about vacant housing and join the queue for each housing company.

Read their information for you who are looking for housing.

Housing guarantee

If you have done everything you could to find accommodation but still problems finding accommodation, Campus Gotland offers a housing guarantee. The housing guarantee is extended to students who are admitted to full-time studies of at least 30 credits per semester. This does not apply to the summer semester. The guarantee means that from the start of the semester we will help you with a temporary accommodation.

If you are unable to find any accommodation 1–2 weeks before the start of term, please contact Rindi’s accommodation service by e-mail:

We hope you enjoy our city!