University Campuses and buildings

Why are we not closing the University?

If the time comes to close the University, the decision will be down to the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and it depends on their assessment of the status of the infection. In the current situation, it is not on the agenda. It is important for both students and the community in general that the University remains open and carries on with its activities.

Can I still visit the University's computer rooms on campus?

Please note! Students must not come to campus if they feel sick or have symptoms of a cold/influenza. Are you infected? You should primarily contact the course or programme coordinator for your programme/department to facilitate contact tracing and reduce the risk of the infection spreading. Stay at home and follow the current guidelines on COVID-19 and the Region Uppsala Infection Control Unit instructions.

In order to gain access to the University's Campus buildings and computer rooms, an access card is required, the so-called Campus Card. If you do not have a campus card, you need to order one first. Read more about the Campus Card here.

The different Campuses may adjust their opening hours and make some entrances available only with Campus cards – keep updated via the Campuses web sites. If you have not yet got your Campus card – collect it as soon as possible.

A student account is required to log on to the computers. Read more about the Uppsala University student account. Most often, password A is used to log on to the computer.

Find computer rooms.

More information about IT for students can be found here.

Practice social distancing inside buildings and in rooms.

What does "social distancing" mean?

Uppsala University as a workplace is following recommendations on social distancing, which means that members of staff and students should, as far as possible, avoid or minimise close physical contact. At the same time, we must do all we can to help slow down the spread of infection. We are doing this in order to increase the ability of the health services to look after those who will need care, first and foremost people at risk and older people.

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