Study abroad with a disability

Students who have a disability can apply for extra financial support for additional costs that studies aborad or a traineeship may result in.

Support through Erasmus+

Within the Erasmus programme students with special needs can apply for financial support to cover any additional costs that exchange studies, traineeship or field studies abroad may result in. For example, students may have to pay extra to bring support equipment/aid with you, additional costs for accommodation, psychological treatments or to make an essential preparatory visit. If the host institution offers pedagogical support for free, students cannot apply for extra funding. Please ensure you contact the Unit for International Mobility in time.

In the application form can you as a student with a disability, find more information on how you can apply for extra support. Pdf, 494 kB.

Do you have questions? Please call the Erasmus team, Elin Karlsson, phone 018-4715216 or visit our zoom drop in every Tuesday and Thursday 13:00 - 14:00 during regular semesters. If you contact us via email: leave out any information which could be considered sensitive personal information regarding your case.

Support for field studies in a developing country

The Minor Field Study program provides grants of 27 000 SEK for field studies in a developing country. Students may apply for up to an additional 27 000 SEK to cover costs related to a disability.

Contact the Unit for International Mobility at before you submit your application for an Minor Field Study grant. Avoid sending sensitive personal information by e-mail. If you have any questions please contact Miriam Tardell, MFS Project coordinator, at 018-471 3799.

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