Support and services

The University provides a variety of support and services to help you when you need it. This may include study and career counselling, support on reading strategies, IT support, or language support when writing an essay.

It may also include support from the Student Health Service when the stamina is not enough. If you have a disability, you have the possibility to get support.

If you have questions about your studies, registrations, degrees and more, you can contact the central student services or the one at your own campus. For some matters, you can take actions on your own through various web services.

Student at home studying with big headphones.

How to manage distance learning at home

Here is some good advice for those who are studying at home, whether it is planned distance studies or ordered distance studies due to the coronavirus.

Hockey sticks.

Sports and studies

All students at Uppsala University will be offered favourable conditions for being able to study and be involved in different types of activities during their leisure time, especially regarding exercise and sports. As a top-level sports student you can turn to a counsellor to discuss how to best combine your studies with your sport.

Student in a wheelchair in front of a laptop.

Campus accessibility

There is a building manager at every campus whom you can contact if you would like more specific information about the physical accessibility of the campus premises. A number of Uppsala University's departments are located in older buildings, where accessibility may be limited. On many campuses there is access to resting rooms. Contact the reception at your campus.

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