Lectures and courses on request

In addition to the regular range of seminars and groups for students, the Student Health Services offers lectures and courses on request. The request might come from, for example, student associations, study counsellors, or programme managers.

Examples of themes of the lectures and courses:

  • stress management
  • sustainable studies
  • alcohol use
  • performance anxiety
  • mental health issues
  • information to students that are responsible for welcoming new students
  • winter blues
  • cultural adjustment.

The initiatives can, in most cases, be offered in English and also digitally via Zoom.

This is how it works

If you are interested in implementing an initiative for a student group in collaboration with the Student Health Services, please email us an inquiry. Please be sure to answer the following questions in your email:

  • Who is the target group? (e.g. students in the Master's programme in computer science, semester three)
  • What do you want us to do? (e.g. stress management lecture)
  • How many participants?
  • Language: Swedish or English?
  • Possible dates?
  • Time?
  • Place? (on site or online?)

We will discuss the request and respond as soon as possible. The likelihood that we can offer you a seminar, for example, increases if we receive it with good notice and can plan accordingly.