Programme Mental Health Week 10–14 October 2022

Welcome to the Mental Health Week! During the week you can listen to lectures and webinars, participate in workshops and activities. All with the aim of informing and illuminating mental health and well-being.

On the Swedish website för the Mental Health Week, you will find the complete programme, where you will also find lectures and activities held in Swedish. Some events take place in Uppsala, some in Visby and some take place online.

With reservation for changes to the program

Running throughout the week

The students' training facility Campus1477 is open all week for you as a student. Welcome to try training for free throughout the week: gym, group training, ball sports and climbing! You will find the entire programme on Campus1477's website.

Location: Campus1477, Von Kraemers allé 5, Uppsala

You who are a student are welcome to try out training for free Monday to Friday: gym and group training! You can find the entire selection at Friskis & Svettis's website.

Location: Norra Hansegatan 18, Flexhuset,Visby

You who are a student are welcome to try out training for free Monday to Friday: gym and group training! You can find the entire selection at Form Gotland's website.

Location: Visborgsallén 33, Visby

Location: The library at Campus Blåsenhus, Uppsala

Do you get lethargic and tired in the autumn and winter? In the light room at Student Health Services in Uppsala, you can during the dark months compensate for some of your daylight deficiency.

From Monday 10 October, the Student Health in Uppsala will open their light room for the season. There is drop-in and you register at reception and show your student ID.

Read more about the light room.

Programme day by day

Monday 10 October

Join us for a training session at Campus1477! On Mondays during the autumn, Student Health's group exercise instructors hold free passes for you who are students. This particular Monday, it's a dance session with influences from house and hip hop together with great music!

Monday, October 10, at 15.00–15.45, Campus1477, Von Kraemers allé 5, Uppsala

Research shows that singing together makes us happier and healthier. It also releases the feel-good hormone dopamine and oxytocine, which makes us calmer. Singing and music lowers the stress hormone cortisol in the body and makes you sleep better. Come and try out singing together with Hanna Lindholm and Johan Vegelius from the University Chaplaincy Choir. You don’t need to have any previous experience; come as you are!

Monday 10 October, at 17:15–18:00, Segerstedt Building (Segerstedthuset), Uppsala

Tuesday 11 October

This talk investigates academia from a game design perspective. Looking at the university environment as a system with rules and mechanics that has been designed towards a specific goal – e.g. knowledge generation, contribution to a better world – offers some provocative thoughts on how the system impacts the thriving of the people within it: researchers, teachers and students. We will address the issue of burn out as well as offer thoughts and strategies on how to keep the inner flame alive.

Dr. Doris C. Rusch is a game designer and researcher with a humanities background who holds a position as Senior Lecturer in Game Design at Uppsala University.

Tuesday 11 October, at 12:15–13:00, via Zoom and at Campus Gotland, rum E48

A workshop for anyone who feels nervous when they have to speak in class. You will have the opportunity to practice speaking English in a supportive, risk-free environment. There is nothing to prepare.

The worshop is arranged by The Laguage Workshop.

Monday 10 October, at 16:15–18:00, English Park Campus (Engelska parken), room 16-0043, Uppsala

Art lives through contemplation and is a powerful form of human expression. Through art we think, we learn, we communicate. We experience. But how can art help us cope with the noise and overstimulation of the modern world?

In this workshop we will explore a variety of works in a dedicated room at the Uppsala Art Museum – a room for words and images. We will engage with space, sound, color, form, material, and practice different techniques that can help us learn about the ways art enables mediation of words and images around us.

The workshop is hosted by Silvia Riccardi, postdoctoral position at the Department of English.

Tuesday 11 October, Uppsala Art Museum (Uppsala konstmuseum), Drottning Christinas väg 1. Meeting point: Main entrance E at 15:30.

Wednesday 12 October

Meet Ungdomsmottagningen at Campus Gotland, the youth health centre, and ask about sex, mental health and more.

Wednesday 12 October, Campus Gotland at 10:00–12:30

More information will come later.

Writing is one of the ways to gain distance or perspective on stressful subjects whether they directly impact the writer alone or are concerns shared by others. And in times of crisis such as climate change or pandemic, matters that cause anxiety to whole communities also affect each individual in personal ways. In this workshop, we will draw inspiration from samples of contemporary fiction and poetry, to find fresh ideas for telling stories of your own.

Sofia Ahlberg is Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at the Department of English, Uppsala University.

Wednesday 12 October, at 16:00–17:00, via Zoom

Go out into a forest area, park or garden, alone or with a few others and join on Zoom via your mobile phone! Anna María Pálsdóttir is doing research at SLU on health-promoting outdoor environments. She will guide you through an exercise where you get to try mindfulness in nature, and then she tells us about the theories behind!

Wednesday 12 October, at 16:00–17:15, outdoors in a green area near you, and via Zoom

Join us for an afternoon/evening of short readings focused on diverse experiences of mental health. Come and read your own work, or a favorite written by someone else, or come just to listen. Five-minute readings of poetry, prose, rap, manifestos, as well as performances, are all welcome. Readings can be in any language.

Joel Duncan, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at the Department of English, Uppsala University

Wednesday 12 October at 18:00–19:00, English Park Campus (Engelska parken), room 7-0042, Uppsala

Trans separatist group meeting for anyone who has trans experience, is gender non-conforming or are having thoughts regarding their gender identity. Together we'll hang out and talk about living outside the social gender norms and the pros and cons with being out in a small society such as Gotland. Everyone is welcome!

Gotlands Studentkår Rindi + Fenix Ungkulturhus

Wednesday 12 October at 16:30-18:00, Rindi Castle

Open Rainbow Cafe for everyone under the lgbtqia+ umbrella and/or living outside the social norms for sexuality and gender identity. Along with friendly conversations, can also get answers to questions about protection against discrimination and victimization during your time at Campus Gotland. Everyone is welcome!

Gotlands Studentkår Rindi + Fenix Ungkulturhus

Wednesday 12 October, at 19:00-20:30, Rindi Castle

Thursday 13 October

We give you as a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine the opportunity to ask study-related questions during a digital drop in with our study counsellors. You are also welcome to take part in our information film where we present simple tools and tips for identifying and managing – or seeking help – in the event of study related negative stress: Study related stress

Thursday 13 October, at 11:00–13:00, via Zoom

Climate anxiety is a growing mental health issue among both lecturers and students in sustainability-related fields in universities worldwide. The increase in climate anxiety in recent years has contributed to the need for education institutions to address it properly. During the lecture, the overview of recent research findings will be presented, with recommendations and open discussion questions related to this topic.

Oleksandra Khalaim, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for research and education on learning for sustainable development and global health at Uppsala university.

Thursday 13 October at 15:00–15:45, via Zoom

This talk will explore questions of trauma and recovery through the biography, publications and letters of the feminist pioneer Mary Wollstonecraft, author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792). Political activists like Wollstonecraft are often represented as constantly strong and forceful, yet she suffered from chronic, disabling depression. Can we allow heroes and role models to be vulnerable? Does this history have lessons for us?

Emma Clery is a professor of English literature at the English Department.

Thursday 13 October at 17:15–18:00, English Park Campus (Engelska parken), Uppsala, room 7-0042

Friday 14 October

More and more today, people all over the world are using the help of philosophical counsellors to get a sense of the meaning of their life, in a friendly dialogue that is not out there to prescribe pills or judge by diagnoses. Thinking healthily can be a way toward healing. So, what is your philosophical sense and how can it help you thrive? This lecture will help you to start figuring out.

A Friendly Lecture with Dr Luis de Miranda, Centre for Medical Humanities and Social Science, Department of History of Science and Ideas, Uppsala University

Friday 14 October 12:15–13:00, via Zoom

Do you sometimes feel lost or stuck in your life? Do you long to be valued and heard?

Gestalt therapy focuses on you and these questions, just as you are in the “here and now”. How one meets the world is a result of many past experiences. What happens inside you when you struggle, in your mind, your body and your soul? What stories do you embody and hold? Working with a Gestalt therapist who is trained in using dialogue, art, drama etc., can yield important awarenesses and open a path to understanding yourself and becoming more authentically you.

Jill Trenholm PhD, lecturer and researcher at IMCH (International Maternal and Child Health), Uppsala University

Friday 14 October at 12:15–13:00, Segerstedt Building (Segerstedthuset), Uppsala, room 01410 "Kungsmyntan"