New ways to socialise during the coronavirus pandemic

Because of the ongoing pandemic, we live in a special time where many people, including students, are experiencing increased anxiety and social isolation. Based on the restrictions that exist in the society it has become difficult to find contexts where you meet others, studies for many students primarily takes place online, and the number of people that express that they feel lonely is increasing.

No one knows when our life can go back to normal, which can make the situation harder to handle. It also makes it even more important to try to find new ways to socialize during the current situation and to try to create a sustainable everyday life. We all have to do what we can to help with this.

On this page we have collected suggestions of different activities that can be done in a corona-safe way. The tips are meant for both individuals and for student associations, nations, unions, and others that have some kind of connection to students. We hope it can give you some inspiration! We at the Student Health Service are happy to help if you want to discuss other ideas.

Exercise and nature (Adapt to current restrictions regarding COVID-19)

We know that being physically active, spending time in nature, and meeting others are activities that makes us as humans feel good. During the wintertime, it is extra important to spend time outdoors to get some daylight when you can.

Suggestions on groups and activities within a theme:

  • Start a walking group that meets regularly, e.g. once a week. Try to hold the group together and encourage the members e.g. by sending a text message before you are planning to meet up.
  • For students who want go out in the nature - the municipality has several good outdoor gyms and barbecue areas in Uppsala and the surroundings. The app Naturkartan can also be a good help. You can change the language to English in the app.
  • Organize a day where you go out in the forest to pick mushrooms together, go iceskating or arrange another activity outdoors.
  • Tips! Many international students are not used to spending time outdoors in colder weather. It can therefore be good to give them advice on appropriate clothing (e.g. hat, gloves, warm shoes) and to arrange outdoor activities specifically aimed at this student group.

Hang out while doing a joint activity

A good way to spend time together with others, even people you have never met before, is to hang out while doing a joint activity. It can be easier to join if there is a low threshold for participation and if the activity does not require previous experience, materials, or preparation.

Different themes to do when you hang out digitally e.g. via Zoom or Skype:

  • Book circle or book club
  • Watch a movie together
  • Have a music group together e.g. a choir
  • Do needlework, crochet, or knitting
  • Yoga together
  • Cook together – “cook-along”, make the same recipe and eat or have a “fika” together digitally
  • Do role-play


When studies mostly or only take place online, you as a student have to create routines for your studies to a greater extent than when you are studying on campus. This can lead to procrastination and difficulties with focus. It can be very helpful, if it is possible, to study with others, even if you can only meet online.

Suggestions on digital activities linked to studies:

  • Start a check-in group where participants check how it is going with their studies, and go through what is scheduled the coming week or similar. The format can be adjusted depending on if participants study the same or different courses.
  • Start an easy “Do-it-now” group to avoid procrastination. A coaching group that students can run themselves based on an instruction. Pair up – check in on how studies are going, about 15 minutes a week.
  • Meet fellow students online e.g. have a pre-seminar where you discuss the literature before the seminar (for those who are studying the same course).

External activities

Running groups:

Campus 1477 – not in winter (November-March)
Sweden Runners Uppsala

Online courses:


Other contexts where you can meet others depending on interest:


Welcome to contact us at the Student Health Services if you want to share thoughts and ideas!

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