Outreach Work

In addition to individual counselling and courses, the Student Health Services also conducts preventive work in the form of educational seminars, lectures, and events for students.

Some of the initiatives are recurring every academic year, while others are offered on request from, for example, student associations, study counsellors, or programme managers. The main areas of education are stress management, sustainable studies, alcohol use, performance anxiety, mental health issues, crisis management and information to students that are responsible for welcoming new students about things that are good to have in mind during their planning. The initiatives can, in most cases, be offered in English and can also be offered digitally, for example, via Zoom.

In order to reach many students, information about the Student Health Services is given at the start of the semester to new students. Staff from the Student Health Services also participate at certain student events, for example, job fairs.

If you are interested in implementing an initiative for a student group in collaboration with the Student Health Services, please send an inquiry to us for further discussion. Our opportunities to provide various educational initiatives are governed partly on when in time it's planned, how long the lecture is going to be, and what theme you have requested. During certain periods of the semester there is an increased demand for counselling services and other activities. The likelihood that we can carry out your desired request increases if we receive it with good notice and can plan accordingly.

For inquiries, contact us at: uppdragSH@uadm.uu.se. After receiving your email, we will discuss the request within the staff group and respond as soon as possible. Please note that the background information helps us to evaluate whether we can meet your needs or not. Please be sure to answer the following questions in your email:

  • Who is the target group? E.g. students in the Master's programme in computer science, semester 7.
  • What do you want us to do? E.g. stress management lecture
  • What is the purpose of the intervention? E.g. providing students tools to handle stress
  • How many participants?
  • Language?
  • Possible dates?
  • Time?
  • Place?

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