Student Health Services in Uppsala

The Student Health Services in Uppsala offer support and counselling to students in Uppsala: at Uppsala University, SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Johannelund School of Theology and Uppsala Community College (folkhögskola).

The Student Health Service in Uppsala has psychologists and counsellors offering advice by phone and brief individual counselling. We also have a health pedagogue. Each term, courses and lectures are given on topics relevant to students and there is a light room at the premises that you are welcome to visit. Everything is free of charge.

Temporary opening hours

To minimise the risk of virus spreading all appointments with the Student Health Services will be digitally online until 30 September 2021.
Please see contact details

An appointment with the Student Health Services

The short video below shows a typical visit to the Student Health Services. Please note! Digital appointments only, until 30 September.

Manage your everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many students are worried about their study situation or their psychological well-being due to the current situation with COVID-19:

For medical advice and illness:
For medical advice and guidance, call the Swedish helpline 1177.
If you are calling from a foreign phone number, dial +46 771 11 77 00.

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