Campus card

The campus card is a mandatory multi-function access card for entry to all the University's campuses, printing, borrowing books at the university library and more. If you study or work at the University, you should have a campus card.

To be able to complete the order, you must have a current course registration and activated your user account at Uppsala University.

You order your campus card by logging in to a service portal for campus cards. Once you have ordered the card, you will be notified via email when your card is available for pickup at your campus reception desk. To collect your campus card, you need to show an approved identity document and have a current course registration.

You need to continuously provide your campus card with a validity stamp. You can do this through a special printer located near the reception at any campus.

In order to use the campus card for borrowing books at the university library, you have to register for a library account.

How to receive a campus card

Read the user terms and the instructions for the campus card before you log in for the first time:

1. Approve the user terms

You must approve Uppsala University's user terms in order to receive your campus card. Read the user terms before selecting "Yes" in the drop-down list to confirm that you accept them. Read the user terms

2. Choose a PIN code

In order to be able to use the card as an access card for computer rooms and exterior doors after closing time, you must choose a PIN code. The code must have four digits. Choose a code you remember. Enter the code in the "PIN" field located under the "Edit my data" tab.

3. Upload a photo

Upload a photo (file format png or jpg, max 2 MB). By uploading the photo, you agree that Uppsala University may use it, but only for this purpose.

Example of approved photo for the campus card.

A correct photo.

The submitted photo will undergo an approval process before the campus card is produced. Please follow the requirements for the photo to avoid unnecessarily long queues in the photo approval process.

The photo should satisfy the following requirements:

  • The photo must depict the cardholder and have a good likeness.
  • The photo must not be more than one year old.
  • Only the head should be depicted.
  • The entire face must be visible and shown from the front.
  • You must look towards the camera lens.
  • The eyes must be open and clearly visible. Glasses must not give reflections or shadows.
  • Only color photographs are approved.
  • The background must be neutral and light, the face should be evenly lit and there must be no shadows in the background.
  • Headwear may only be worn for medical or religious reasons.
  • The image must have good sharpness.
  • Dark or colored glasses may not be worn.

These are the most common errors on photos that do not meet the requirements:

Examples of not approved photos for the campus card.

Once you have accepted the user terms, entered the code and uploaded the photo, click "Submit".

Log in to the service portal

If you are a new student and the login is not successful, it may be because you have a registration that has not yet been processed at the department - wait a few days and then try to log in again.

When you are reached by an email reminding you to order a campus card, it is a signal that the conditions are met. This message will be sent to the email address provided to you in Ladok. If you have enabled forwarding from your student email to another address, the message should be there.

Distance education courses or completed courses?

Students who participate in distance learning courses and spend only a few days on the University premises, or that have completed their studies , do not need a campus card. If you belong to one of these categories you can ignore the campus card request emails.

Note that if you want to be able to borrow printed matters at the university library you do need a campus card.

Why a campus card?

The university premises are not public, but for practical reasons large parts of them are kept open during the day. Risk analysis has clearly demonstrated a number of risks related to unauthorised access to university premises. A card that shows that those who are staying in our campuses really have the authority, contributes to greater security. Most universities in Sweden have already introduced a campus card.

Contact and support

If you have any questions regarding the campus card, please contact the reception desk at your campus.

If you have technical difficulties, contact the university IT Service desk, phone 018‑471 44 00

If you lose your campus card, block it as soon as possible. You can block your card yourself in the service portal. You can also contact the reception at your campus to get help to block the card.

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