Information about teaching and examination at the Department of Informatics and Media due to the coronavirus

Springsemester study period 1 (2022-01-17 to 2022-02-17) : Teaching and examination mainly on campus

Dear students at IM!

As you are all aware, the spread of Covid-19 has increased significantly in recent weeks, and therefore, the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden (FHM) have tightened the restrictions in society with effect from 12/1. University education is also affected by the new guidelines. While most of the teaching and examination is to be conducted on campus as planned, universities are required to take measures to reduce the spread of infection. Uppsala University has updated its guidelines based upon the new restrictions.

The Department of Informatics and Media has reviewed its teaching based upon FHM's recommendations and the updated guidelines of Uppsala University and the Faculty of Social Sciences, and made the following adjustments during study period 1 from 2022-01-17 to 2022-02-17:

  • All lectures with 50 or more participants are given digitally.
  • Seminars and laboratory work will be digital as long as quality and secure examination can be maintained.
  • The lecture hall exams will be held according to plan, but an extra exam opportunity will be offered about 6 weeks after the re-take exam. Special efforts have been made to secure lecture hall exams, e.g., by increased distance between students during the exam, exam monitors will wear visors / face masks, there will be plexiglass shields between students and exam monitors during check-out, and students may use their own face masks.
  • All other teaching will take place according to plan.
  • In the case of Covid exposures on courses, the entire course will transition to digital form during a period determined by the Head of Department.
  • Students may wear face masks during any teaching if they wish.

Your course coordinator will inform you of which changes will affect your course as soon as possible.

As I mentioned in my previous message, we all have a joint responsibility to reduce the spread of infection, please follow the recommendations that are available on UU's website.

Best regards,

Tomas Eklund

Head of Department