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Course registration autumn 2021 at the Department for Information Technology

Apply for courses at or www.universityadmissions.seLate applications will open 15 December 2021. Information about which courses that open for late application can be found in the course list. Courses that do not open are closed for programme students also.

When you have been admitted to a course, please register in Ladok, this is an acceptance to participate in the course.

Registrations for courses

Period 3: 16 December 2021 - 24 January 2022

Period 4: 7 March 2022 - 28 March 2022

The registration will close one week into the course. After this you need to contact the Student Office for registration as soon as possible. When one week has passed we have to ask the teacher if it’s ok to register, and if it’s possible to catch up. If you are late it may be impossible to catch up.

If you wish to drop a course, please use Ladok. A course drop is only available within three weeks from course start. After that you need to contact the Student Office for a late discontinuation of the course. If you are a first year master you have to contact your coordinator to drop or add courses.

If you are on the waiting list

If there are still places available on a course you will receive an email that you have been admitted. Please register immediately in Ladok. If you are admitted after registration has closed please contact us for help with registration. We then have to ask the teacher if it’s still possible to catch up.

If you are on the waiting list and don’t hear anything from us, it means the course is full and closed for late applications.


Welcome to contact us if you have questions:

If you are a master program student and have questions regarding courses, certificate, visa and other related questions please contact

If you have any questions regarding your fee payment please contact

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