Internationalisation at home

Not all students may feel that they can or want to participate in a physical study abroad activity. At Uppsala University, there are other opportunities available to be international without having to travel physically. Below you will find a selection of opportunities available where you can meet the world at home.

International Buddy Programme

Through Uppsala Student Union and Gotland Student Union Rindi, you can either get involved by becoming a Buddy for an incoming international student. You as an international student can also sign up as a newbie looking for a Buddy. If you have a certificate that you have participated as a Buddy in the Buddy programme, this also qualifies for extra credit points in the application for exchange studies.

Find out more about what it means to be a Buddy or a Newbie, or to sign up for the programme! For Uppsala you can either visit the Buddy programme's website or email For Campus Gotland, you can email

Get involved in student activities

A good way to meet international students from all over the world is to get involved in some form of student activity. Get involved in a student association, in your nation or in one of the student unions. At Uppsala's student nations, for example, you can hold the post of international secretary and work with welcome events for international students.

Reception of international students via Kuratorskonventet

Kuratorskonventet is the cooperative body for Uppsala's thirteen student nations. Kuratorskonventet has a sub-convention called the International Committee whose task is to welcome and take care of new international students. The task of the International Committee is, among other things, to arrange welcome weeks with events for international students each semester and to arrange the International Gasque.

Do you want to get involved in Kuratorskonventet and the International Committee or if you want to participate in one of their events? See more information on Kuratorskonventet's webpage, the International Committee's webpage for international students and the International Committee's Facebook page.

Study together with students from all over the world

At Uppsala University, you have the opportunity to study both international programmes as well as international courses online. In the course catalogue, you can take part in the international distance courses offered via Uppsala University. Maybe the international Master's Programme in Religion in Peace and Conflict or the Master's Programme in Implementation, Transformative Learning and Sustainability is something for you? These two master programmes give you the opportunity to study at home but together with students from all over the world.

Read distance courses through ENLIGHT

ENLIGHT is one of several pilot projects funded by the EU-commission to lead the development of new types courses and pedagogical methods. It will prepare students for current and future societal challenges. On ENLIGHT's website you can see which courses and activities are available for students. Several of the courses and activities are linked to various forms of grants within the Erasmus programme.

On these pages you can read more about what ENLIGHT is and what it means to read courses within ENLIGHT. There you will also find the link to the application portal for students att Uppsala University.

Develop your language skills

The Department of Scandinavian Languages, the Department of English and the Language Workshop offer courses in both Swedish and English for those who want to develop their language skills. The Language Workshop also organizes courses in English specifically aimed at international students.