Contact the student services

Visit the student services to receive information about admissions, degrees, scholarships and much more. For questions about specific courses or programmes, you can contact your department's student services or study counsellor directly.

Student services in Uppsala

The Service center in the Segerstedt building is open for visits if you have questions concerning your studies and if you need help with campus card or one-time passcodes.
Telephone: +46 18 471 47 10

Student services at Campus Gotland

Student services at Campus Gotland are available at the reception and at the study administration. The reception is open for visits if you need help with campus cards, exams to collect, today's schedule, etc. In the D building on the 2nd floor, you will find the study administration that can help you with course-specific matters, such as registration.

Student services at the departments and campuses

Education and research are conducted at the University's departments. While you are a student the department at a campus is your workplace. Find contact information for the departments.

There are twelve campus areas at Uppsala University – eleven in Uppsala and one in Visby, Gotland. See all the campuses.

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