COVID-19 report, 27 August

Uppsala University is preparing at all levels to welcome everyone back, from Monday 30 August, for an exciting new semester at Uppsala University, with students on campus. However, the pandemic is not over yet, so everyone is expected to continue to take great personal responsibility in following all the recommendations in effect.

“We look forward with pleasure and confidence to an autumn when we will once again see students in place on our premises. At the same time, we know that the pandemic is not over yet, and we do not underestimate this fact,” says Fredrik Blomqvist, the University’s Chief Security Officer.

From 30 August, operations will return to line management and the associated order of delegation. At present, the University Management does not envisage taking any central decision that applies across the board. For this return to campus to succeed, it is important that everyone continues to take great personal responsibility as follows:

  1. Arrange to be vaccinated with two doses. Students arriving in Uppsala without being vaccinated or with only one dose are urged to proceed to a vaccination centre without delay to be vaccinated. Region Uppsala has introduced drop-in vaccination slots. Go to Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (UKK) for a jab.
  2. Maintain good hand hygiene. The University is keeping the hand sanitiser stations it has set up around the University.
  3. Stay at home if you have any symptoms and then go and get tested.
  4. As far as possible, maintain a distance to people you do not live with.

Uppsala University will continue to follow developments closely through frequent collaboration meetings with Region Uppsala. There will also be regular and frequent internal collaboration.

"This is to enable us to create the very best conditions for a safe resumption of the University’s activities on site,” says Blomqvist.

COVID-19 testing for incoming international students

Both Region Uppsala and Region Gotland offer all arriving international students COVID-19 testing upon arrival.
For detailed information, please see Recommendations on Coronavirus.

Infection status report

To summarise the infection situation, as of 27 August 2021, there have been 986 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Uppsala University since the start of last year's autumn semester (2020).

This figure breaks down as follows:

  • 755 students
  • 231 members of staff*
    *(From autumn 2021, members of staff numbers also includes PhD Students).

If you are confirmed infected with COVID-19, it is very important that you make sure to stay at home: Do not go to campus, exam rooms or work. And keep up to date with the current rules of conduct.

If you are confirmed infected, the Communicable Diseases Act requires you to inform people whom you suspect you may have infected. As part of Uppsala University’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection, the University has created an online procedure to help you do this anonymously.